2-5 pax | Cave Connection (Lumiang Burial Cave to Sumaguing Cave)

This tour passes through the two most popular among the caves of Sagada. It starts by entering the Lumiang Burial Cave which is filled with age-old coffins and tunnels through several chambers before exiting through Sumaguing Cave. Part of the spelunking experience is the viewing of numerous limestone rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites, walking on flow stones and stepping on the inevitable bat guano.

  • Category: Spelunking / Cave Tour
  • Duration: 03:30 Hours

Price:3800 3200

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Note: This tour may not be available on days when there are rituals happening; and such spiritual proceedings do not have definite dates. In cases where guests have paid in advance and the tour is cancelled due to this, a full refund will be provided.

Tour inclusions

  • Shuttle Fee
  • English-speaking Guide (500 per pax)
    • If the group is less than 5 people, the extra cost will be refunded

 A minimal maintenance fee is included in the price to help maintain our services.

Tour Exclusion

  • Tourist Registration Fee (50 per pax)
    • This is a mandatory fee to be paid upon arrival in Sagada. Non-registered tourists cannot access most tour sites in Sagada.
    • You may pay this fee online in advance by clicking this link.

The trail for the tour is rough and rocky; it may be muddy as well depending on the weather so be sure to dress appropriately.

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