10 pax | Mount Ampacao Overnight Camping exit through Nabas-ang Ridge

This overnight camping trip takes you up a pine-laden dirt road to the grasslands at the base of Mt. Ampacao. Here, you are given a view overlooking Sagada and its nearby municipalities. After watching the sunrise or sunset, the trek continues through an old woodcutter's trail opening up to another grassland clearing at Nabas-ang and exits through Atoanan. On the way back to town, you may opt to visit the famous Sagada Community Pottery along the way.

  • Category: Camping Tour
  • Duration: 12:00 Hours

Price:4200 4300

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Note: This tour may not be available on days when there are rituals happening; and such spiritual proceedings do not have definite dates. In cases where guests have paid in advance and the tour is cancelled due to this, a full refund will be provided.

Tour inclusions

  • Shuttle Fee
  • English-speaking Guide 

 A minimal maintenance fee is included in the price to help maintain our services.

Tour Exclusion

  • Tourist Registration Fee (50 per pax)
    • This is a mandatory fee to be paid upon arrival in Sagada. Non-registered tourists cannot access most tour sites in Sagada.
    • You may pay this fee online in advance by clicking this link.
  • Food and Camping Gear
    • For this tour, the group is expected to be self-contained -- meal plans and outdoor sleeping gear such as tents and sleeping bags will not be provided by the guide. Participants are expected to bring all necessary equipment for a simple overnight hike-and-camp. 

The trail for the tour is rough and rocky; it may be muddy as well depending on the weather so be sure to dress appropriately.

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