NOTICE: Sagada remains closed to tourism. All bookings made here will not be entertained. Stay safe everyone, and see you at the re-opening!

Discover Sagada was created to serve as an online guidebook for everyone planning a trip to Sagada -- the Shangri-La of the North. Behind this is our group of homegrown i-Sagada locals who hope to improve the quality of experience for outsiders visiting our small mountain town, at the same time promoting the practice of responsible tourism.

Here, we will be providing everything we think you might need as you prepare for your escapade to the pine-laden town of Sagada.

Sagada Online Guide

Planning a trip to Sagada can be time consuming and one of the first questions we always ask is, "How do we get there?" This guide is here to help you out!

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Originally a backpacker's haven, Sagada, or Ganduyan as it was called in the olden days, is now a bustling tourist town and a popular destination in mainstream tourism. For all avid travelers out there, here are 8 things Sagada will offer if you ever decide to explore the Shangri-La of the North.

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Sagada Tours

As part of our services, we offer tours around Sagada. Part of the proceeds of the tours go out to our Outreach Program Fund. Book a tour and support a community! Rates indicated are for the whole group and not per individual.

A Library of Sagada and Igorot Legends

This section includes a collection of stories and legends about Sagada and its nearby municipalities, written by different people, and lifted from different sources which are mentioned in each entry. We will do our best to constantly update this section to include more stories.

Lake Danom or Lake Banao, depending on who you ask, has been a common subject of folklore in and around Sagada since we can remember. Here are three versions of its origin story as told by different people more than 70 years ago.

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In earlier times, it is said that those who died returned to life to walk the earth again. Here is one of many stories about why the dead no longer come back to life.

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A very short tale of how the caves and the rocks in Sagada came to be.

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